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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tempering Chocolate Can Be Nice!

If you have ever melted chocolate and let it set up again only to find that it now has white streaks and is no longer shiny, then you need to know about tempering. There is nothing wrong with the chocolate when it gets that way or "out of temper" and it still will taste good, but the texture has changed and this can be fixed. Tempering chocolate is necessary to make the crystals align, so that you get a nice smooth shiny chocolate that is pretty with a good "snap" when broken.

The Exploratorium Magazine got together with Angela Arzave, from EOS Restaurant to make this handy guide. You may find it is something you can do with your kids as a fun scince experiment.

If you would like to make chocolate dipped strawberries or confections this guide will help you make beautiful works of art and you can pick up some great quality chocolate for baking and confections right here at Bittersweet.

This could be a great summer activity for the whole family.

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